Wednesday, February 27, 2008


the number of bands that have broken my heart out number boys by approximately one million to none. i know bands don’t last forever. they break up. artists “grow,” move on to other things, new things, and occasionally better things.

i’m not quite over the loss of Acceptance, and i doubt that i ever will be. but there are other ex-bands which I am willing to talk about. time heals some wounds.

Northstar were one of my late 90’s emo-indie rock staples. between "Is This Thing Loaded," and "Pollyanna," they had a pretty good run.

they have long since disbanded, but Nicolas Torres along with Tyler Odem moved on to a different and wonderful project. Cassino is quite the departure from their upbeat-emo past. (hello oxymoron.) the genuine acoustic/folk sound executed by this band provides a seemless guide for Nic’s distinct vocals. From harmonicas to trumpets, there is use of instrumental technicality throughout this album that shows maturity. the piano in "The Old Year," seems to drive the song against the vocals in an awkward but beautiful way. "Sounds of Salvation," indeed.

it is rare that i find myself happy over a disbandment, but i sincerely hope Cassino stick around long enough to make a sophomore effort. it is because of bands not boys that i always have ice-cream in the freezer and a box of tissues near by. there need to be more post-break-up projects like this one if I’m ever going to completely buy into all that ‘everything happens for a reason” b.s…

The Old Year - Cassino
Rigged and Ready - Northstar

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