Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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You know when someone tastes something really unpleasant, winces, and then tries this golden line? “Ew, you have to taste this, it’s disgusting”. Well consider this post the blogging equivalent. I’m warning you that I’m doing this to get rid of a song I’ve had in my head for days now, and I kind of want you to check it out too. Misery loves company, or something like that. Ha.

I was bargain hunting in Your Favourite Discount Store (which shall remain nameless) when I noticed that the music playing was targeted towards a very specific mom-type demographic. Granted, they’d hit the nail right on the head (as I was with my mom and surrounded by others’ moms), but being immersed in that kind of easy listening can only result in you humming Phil Collins to yourself for the rest of the day. Which is what happened this time, only worse.

Seal: Kiss From a Rose.

Oh, I know. This came on as I was trying on shoes and EVERYONE in the aisle started singing along under their breath. And I realized rather quickly - does ANYONE know the correct words to this song?? It’s catchy, it stays in your head, and we have ALL hummed it at some point (unless I’m particularly deranged) but wtf are the lyrics?? So while the ladies around me strolled along the aisle muttering nonsensical words, I told myself that maybe I should figure out what I had been singing before judging these women. (Disclaimer – I didn’t speak English that well when this song came out).

Here’s what I came up with:

Nananaaa nanananananaaaa , nanana.


But did you know, that when it shows, my eyes become larden,

The light that you shine can’t be sealed...

Baby, I’d like to be into a kiss from a rose on the range,

Oooh the more I get to feel strangers it feeeels yeah

Now that your rose is in bloom, my life hits the home on the grave...

Not bad eh? I had never even questioned it, not even the part about feeling up strangers. Here are the actual lyrics... Have fun humming this all afternoon!

Oh, and happy Canada Day!


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