Sunday, February 10, 2008

Socalled is hip hop. Socalled is Jewish hip hop. Socalled is wicked.

Socalled, is a.k.a. Josh Dolgin. the Canadian/Ottawa native is literally and figuratively marching to the beat of his own drums. eclectic is the most ideal word to describe his music. he is not just mixing religion into sound, but various languages and history as well. miles away from being the Jewish kid told to sing songs about some dude named ‘Jesus’ in choir. he has since crafted a genre for himself that he believes in. a range of collaborations include Wu Tang's Killah Priest, and Matisyahu. rooted in old Yiddish melodies, the messages he sends have purpose: giving his religions history a present voice. thoughtfully accomplished, and beyond the reasoning for the sound, the music rocks. yes, i said Jewish hip hop rocks.

give Ghettoblaster a listen. it is Socalled's 2007 release, decidedly more mainstream than the first LP, The Socalled Seder. but both are worth a listen. below is the video for “You are never alone.” it is a good song, a well done video, and a little on the creepy side. the opening lyric of “and frankly there is nothing so unusual about being a Jewish cowboy,” is a loaded statement. one brushstroke on the canvas Socalled is attempting to paint. get thinking friends.

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Anonymous said...

i am jewish
i approve this message.