Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It’s been a crazy crazy day. Someone mailed a real cow heart to our office today, packaged in a pretty box and complete with a threatening letter (how thoughtful). How that got through Canada Post is really beyond me. Then we discovered that some of our merchandise has Bisphenol A in it, which was a bad scene. Aaaand this crazy man who calls our toll-free line everyday somehow got through to my personal line and has decided that we are to be friends. Oh, and I also keep losing parts of a report I've been working on because my computer repeatedly crashes (see, it’s kind of a normal job!)

Upon arriving home, I set out to go on a very long run to clear my head of all this craziness. I ran the same path I usually do, but today it was such a mood booster! The sun was intense, and all over the park were children flying kites with their dads and little girls clumsily flirting with douchie-looking emo kids. I ran past old couples walking their dogs (fat beagles are my new favourite) and little boys mercilessly soaking eachother with water guns. Needless to say, I am now quite joyful and thought I would propagate the happiness.

To accomplish this, I have decided to share this Cut Copy song that always makes me smile. There not much too it lyrically, but it’s such an upbeat little song...

I will have more on this band after their show on May 9th, when they'll play with the Black Kids at the Phoenix. You can expect a detailed posting and more songs then. Um, and I apologize if this post makes you wanna barf.


Cut Copy - Feel The Love

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