Monday, January 14, 2008

eden is a hell of a place.

keep those eyes and ears open friends. the boys of Colour Revolt are dropping their new LP April 1st, and i say listen up. they have much to say, and you have much to hear. if the released single is any indication of what this album holds, i'm going to be a happy camper with "Plunder, Beg, and Curse." the official track list is as follows:

1. Naked and Red
2. A Siren
3. Elegant View
4. See It
5. Moses of the South
6. Swamp
7. Ageless Everytime
8. Innocent and All
9. Shovel to Ground
10. What Will Come of Us?

the first time i heard the song "Naked and Red," was almost 9 months ago in an opening set for Brand New. the same is true for the second time. and the third. the recorded version just released does the live performance justice, and then some. opening with suspended guitar, the first verse plows into the next, breaking and building all over again. the drums kick up and drop in all the right places. it showcases, without formula. it evolves.

the overall sound of the band? lax vocals, breakable and effortless. methodical bass. definetly rock. but orchestrated. there's also something distinctly southern in the guitars of those mississippi boys. their self titled ep, boasts the same lines of sound as the new single. the full length album is long overdue.

talk talk talk all your devils out.

burn burn burn all your witches out.

check check check 'em out.

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Anonymous said...

check out kevin devine if you haven't yet, whichever girl this is.

thanks for the send it files.