Wednesday, January 9, 2008

big loves of 2007...

ok, so i’m a little bit late on posting this one, as we are well into 2008. but in the name of effort and in honor of the snobs christmas party, here is my compilation of the best songs of 2007.

this is a mix of what i found myself listening to again and again, from my favorite songs to drive to (tokyo police club, midnight juggernauts, the tough alliance), to mushy masterpieces (the cinematic orchestra) and sweet covers (marissa nadler, jose gonzalez).

uh, and i tried and tried to fit one of ms. spears new songs on there, but space was so limited… sorry about the huge letdown.


1. tokyo police club - box

2. liars - houseclouds

3. of montreal - gronlandic edit

4. the tough alliance - first class riot

5. klaxons - golden skans

6. M.I.A. - paper planes

7. midnight juggernauts - into the galaxy

8. shout out louds - you are dreaming

9. caribou - melody day

10. miracle fortress - poetaster

11. citay - little kingdom

12. beirut - nantes

13. the national - racing like a pro

14. jose gonzalez - teardrop

15. chromatics - healer

16. the besnard lakes - disaster

17. marissa nadler - famous blue raincoat

18. radiohead - videotape

19. the cinematic orchestra ft. patrick watson - to build a home

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