Friday, March 14, 2008

I have a thing for Pete Doherty.

For some reason, his dirty, strung-out, drug-puppy look is just... hot. I totally get you Kate Moss. Well, no, not at all, but the Pete stuff, I dig.

This is not an album review, or any kind of relevant post, really, but I am home from work because i am sick, I have a fever, and my effing stove decided to electrocute me. So please bear with my rant.

Anyhoo, I read an article about old Petey a while ago, and the guy is seriously effed.

The journalist is with him over the span of a few days, and during interviews Pete goes on and on about how good he feels and how rehab has made him so much better, lalala... Then bam, a picture of him surfaces in the tabloids of him shooting up 3 days earlier. Ooopsies.

Hey, but it’s ok, he just turned 28, which apparently (to him) disqualifies him from going the way of the famous 27-drug-glamour-drama rockstar demise. Sorry Heath, you just chose the wrong craft.

So what I am getting at is: Babyshambles – Shotter’s Nation. Listen to it.

Lost Art of Murder just popped up on my play list, and it’s an amazing track. It’s about the gambles he takes in life, and pulling his act together. Either that or he’s playing a really intense board game (Trouble, maybe?).

Babyshambles - Lost Art of Murder

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Shaun the Cashier said...

Why bring Heath into this? He wasn't a junkie or gross and creepy like dough-boy, here.