Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh memories...

Sometimes public transportation is a bit like a twilight zone. Ok, most of the time. Like today, for instance, I caught myself staring at a man wearing white slacks. WHITE SLACKS! I also saw high-waisted, wide-legged leather pants, which should not be something that happens. Ever.

I realize now that I seem to have been paying special attention to pants. Which is kind of strange and I’m going to make a conscious effort to stop – maybe look people in the face. But riding the streetcar means you also get stuck beside people that are listening to their iPod just a tad too loud. And whilst the sound of too-loud, second hand BonJovi can motivate one to relinquish a coveted seated spot, sometimes, you land next to someone who is listening to something sweet that you haven’t heard in a long time. And it just brings you back.

I am a big fan of nostalgia. And with this said, I ask: Remember Rusty??? I do. They were Canadian, they were good, and the lead-singer was sorta hot in a homeless kinda way. They made it big in 1995 with their first full-length Fluke, with catchy grunge-rock songs and controversial videos. Their second album (aptly named Sophomoric) was released in 1997 and brought us Empty Cell, which was debatably their biggest hit. Sadly, the band underwent some troubles and broke up in 1998 after the release of Out of Their Heads. It’s disappointing, but hey, fame is fleeting.

I’ve had this “Remember Rusty?” conversation before, so to all of you who were unsure, I wish to provide you with all the tools necessary to properly recall this band. Here is the video for Misogyny and a few old tunes that you will hopefully inspire someone else to go hunt down – just play them extra loud next time you sit on the bus (please wear normal pants).

Rusty - California

Rusty - Empty Cell


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Lead singer is a heroin addict and now drives a forklift in some warehouse. Truth.