Friday, March 14, 2008

They know they’re right

I was checking out the SXSW line-up the other day, cursing the US for being so big and Texas for being so far. And greasy. Actually, there are plenty more very valid reasons why I’m not at this “superbowl of music”. Like, uh, work. So to feel better, I was listening to some of the showcased bands when I came across Bo Pepper.

This British quartet is composed of Nick Cartwheel on the guitar, Will E. Nailor on bass, Jonny Dangerous (like that’s really your name) on the drums and a mysterious female vocalist labelled simply “singer”. Actually my sleuthing helped me discover that this elusive “singer” is in fact Alexis Strum, a 28 year-old singer -songwriter from Chingford, Essex with her own solo stuff going on.

All in all, Bo Pepper is a little bit Metric, a little bit Yeah Yeah Yeahs... very much following a vein of ladies fronting all-man rock ensembles. It’s danceable and fun, albeit sometimes a little vapid in the lyrics department (I could do you like no other, I could be your girl. I could make you beg and suffer, I should be your girl... ok, Ashlee Simpson).

But that’s all forgiven once you see their kitschy stop-motion animation video for Blinkandyou’llmissit! And any band that uses a sock puppet as their main promotional tool gets my respect.

Buses is a fantastic track and has been picked up by XFM DJ Eddy Temple Morris to appear on the album, "UK: ONE the New Music Collection- Coca-Cola Soundwave”. For Kicks is also really fun, layering hand clapping (always a good time) with an energetic beat and playful guitar strumming, the kind of song The Strokes would be jealous they didn’t release first.

Check this out if you’re not convinced:

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