Monday, August 18, 2008

just call it music...

Free Sol =
hip hop, soul and a little bit of rock.
kind of.
i caught them at this year's Lollapalooza,
they were without doubt, a highlight.

the four piece includes:
Premo Danger on keys
(a very large and entertaining man)
Kickman Teddy on drums
(he opened up the show with a solo that lived up to his name.)
Elliot Ives on guitar and singing hooks
(a deceptively skinny-nerd type, with a whole lot of soul)
and, Chistopher ‘Free Sol’ Anderson on the mic.

an age old story of boy meets music,
boy falls in love with music.
boy gets signed to Justin Timberlake's label: Tennman Records.

i’m making it sound simple.
it wasn’t.
but they’re moving faster than the internet can document.

they’ve earned their stripes through relentless touring,
sharing the stage with a range of bands (from Talib Kweli to the Foo Fighters.)

i predict as they predict,
a rise to the top.

Rise To The Top - Free Sol

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