Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I just had a very organized and regimented day of work, gym and chores. Totally the brutal return to the grind after a week off from work, sauntering about, going to shows and enjoying the rain (italics don't really convey the tone too well, but I'm sure the sarcasm is interpreted?) So I got to wishing that today had been less The Office meets Martha Stewart and more John Cusack movie, please. The cute stuff, like High Fidelity, not that weird Identity one where he's actually a psycho serial killer.

Ok, end rant. I would like to take this moment to provide you with a band that I am quite enjoying right now. Thank you Sylvain, who after various attempts at making me like his electro remixes, finally found a MySpace page that I loved immediately.

Their name is Winterpill, and they're a 5 piece band from Massachusetts. They're not super new, they're not super edgy, and hey, most of this post is not super pertinent. But at least you're being entertained and you'll score a new song out of it. So no one's losing. I'll even throw in a sweet High Fidelity scene, just as a bonus.

Winterpills - Broken Arm


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