Saturday, January 12, 2008

do a few good apples save a rotten bunch?

i was under the impression that in the age of digital music, artists would no longer get away with selling a few gems amidst a pile of audio garbage. some bands are slow on the uptake I guess. frequently described as indie/pop, Lovers Electric are decidedly more pop than indie. most of the tracks on the album “Whatever You Want,” contain predictable lyrics, about love, happiness and adorable baby ducks. ok, so I might be exaggerating about the baby ducks. bottom line, the album is listenable, but aside from two tracks, I wouldn’t deem it something to shout from mountain tops about.

the two tracks I am willing to shout about? the song the album is titled after, and the most addictive track I’ve heard in a while called “Is it over?” both miles away from the rest of the album in terms of instrumental build. they contain the elements of dissonance missing from the rest of the release, giving depth to the vocals. supplementary piano parts don’t overtake either songs, but at the same time, they would be reduced noticeably without them.

the songs are incredibly bright silver linings to an otherwise dark cloud of an album.


GaryJr said...

Would it be possible to get this song IS IT OVER? i've been trying to find it everywhere.

Dann said...

Couldn't disagree with you more. Great album - probably the best of 2008 in my humble opinion. A nix mix of dark and happy songs (what's wrong wrong with that, I ask?).

As for garyjr, buy the goddamn album.