Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Orillia Opry is gorgeous.

So this is the band’s description as found on Orillia Opry's label's website: Daniel Noble is from a small town rich with red brick buildings. Emma Baxter is from a valley on an island in the sea. Together they sing like crazy birds descended into the city from an opera house in a forest in the sky...

Say what?

However, once you’ve given them a spin, this strange description makes complete sense. No kidding.

This kind of artsy imagery used to describe the band is not difficult to conjure up once you’ve heard what this duet is capable of creating. Lighthouse for Stragglers’ Eyes is Orillia Opry’s second album. It’s whimsical and earthy, light and intense, and kinda... woodsy?

Hailing from Montreal (no, they’re not from Orillia, but I bet you were chuckling at your own dad joke), Orillia Opry delivers an eclectic mix of sounds and instruments, from pianos to creaking chairs, even a frontalini (thanks for nothing, Wikipedia). There’s a little bit of Neil Young, and a lot of harmonies.

It’s also nice to see that Ships at Night label mates are there to help each other out: this album was produced by Plants and Animals' Warren Spicer. With this little number and all the attention P&A have been getting, it’s easy to predict a big year for this small label.

But enough of my rambling. Have a listen and make up your own crazy description. These are my top picks off Lighthouse:

Orillia Opry – I Lied
Orillia Opry – Shadow Shadow

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Anonymous said...

I need to learn to play the frontalini.