Tuesday, May 27, 2008

animal kingdom.

i gave my heart to two bands this week…

Frightened Rabbits for their latest "Midnight Organ Fight,"
and The Golden Dogs.

the former consists of unapologetic self-deprecating lyrics through thick Scottish accented vocals. the words sung are not the deepest i’ve ever heard, and some tracks are more radio friendly than others; but overall, a beautiful record that i keep coming back to despite the other 5497 songs calling my name. (i am currently listening to my entire digital collection. iTunes is doing most of the work for me, by keeping track of which songs i’ve played. when i have finished, nobody will be able to tell me having 11 000 + songs is ridiculous because i will be able to curtly reply. “i have listened to them all.”)

seconditively, The Golden Dogs are Canadian and independent. (my two favourite qualitites in a band…and a person.) from what i’ve heard, they put on a fantastic live show (you can hear a live CBC Radio 3 session featuring them). it was a task and a half to track down their most recent release “Big Eye Little Eye,” but entirely worth the effort. the video for “Never Meant Any Harm” is cute, pretty and fairly reflective of the band and albums sound. although my favourite song of the album by a long shot is “Saints at the Gates” for the fabulously raucous vocals.

aside: the broken piano in the photo has nothing to do with either bands. it was taken by a tres wicked photographer named Chris Jordan who’s latest solo exhibit addresses mass consumption on a very literal large scale. this is an earlier photo, taken for a series titled “In Katrina’s Wake” where he looks at the merits of unnatural disaster. he catches beauty in destruction, then shares in hopes of awareness. i say admirable.

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