Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bonjour l’été.

It’s about time.

Today was all about summer events: sleeping in, patio beers, sunshine and music. I finally got the chance to wear my straw hat, something I had been excitedly anticipating for a while now (though after almost losing said hat to an untimely streetcar-related death, I learned not to wear it while biking). After a few hours of aimless wandering, shopping, chatting and a tragedy involving a fudge Drumstick, we went to see our friends’ band, Macro Fiesta. They were playing at the Steam Whistle Brewery for the Toronto Doors Open 2008, a cool architectural festival. While the music and cheap beer were a sweet deal, this afternoon bash was also the choice scene for a bachelor party of frat dudes, a bunch we affectionately named the Bro Show. Oh backwards hats and popped collars... Thank you Macro Fiesta for the sweet Dance Mix 94 Medley – so fantastic.

Oh, and I got my first sports injury of the season in a skateboarding accident... Well, what aaactually happened is that my friend dropped his long board on my sandal-clad foot, but that sounds so much lamer. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty badass bruise, which is great considering I’m going to be wearing flip-flops for the next 4 months.

Here is a mix of my favourite songs of the moment to kick off the summer. I would also like to recommend a visit to this website (one of my favourites) to which I owe this post’s photo (it's Dundas Square!!)


Girl 3 - Mix Tape.

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