Friday, May 9, 2008

Another flashback!

I’m sorry if I seem to be clinging desperately to the nineties... I think it’s because I’ve recently graduated into the ‘mid-twenties’ category, which brings me closer to 30 than I am comfortable with. Or I am secretly trying to legitimize a large part of my CD collection by making it sound cool again. Either way, I have faith that you’re going to appreciate this.

If the name Jyoti Mishra rings any bells, I’m thoroughly impressed. But an alias you might be more familiar with is White Town.

Still nothing? Well, this one-man-band is the genius behind the 1997 beauty “Your Woman”, a one-hit wonder which had rendered my thirteen-year-old self completely confused. Oh Jyoti, why would a man serenade another man about how he can never be his woman? Even now that I am older and consider myself more informed about gender identity issues, I still don’t quite grasp the message. And the lyrics... “So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways, just use me up and then you walk away.” Clearly the tragic tale of a doomed love affair. Uh...

Anyhoo, the album was called Women in Technology and the song was White Town’s only memorable release. But don’t be sad, it managed to reach #1 on the British charts that year, and dude’s probably still living off the royalties.

So what’s this mystery man’s deal? According to my friends at Wikipedia, Mr. Mishra is a follower of the straight-edge movement and a reformed Marxist. He is still making music, having produced a few more albums, including Don’t Mention the War (2006) released under his own record label, Bzangy. Oh, and he looks like this:

Here’s the video and the song, for you to add to your library of ‘90s one-hit-wonders.

Right before Right Said Fred’s “I’m too sexy”.



Sly said...

The 30s ??? You still got what, 5-6 years to live ?!? You got plenty of time...

kirsten said...

Wow. Total blast from the past.

As soon as heard the beginning of this tune I remembered it, but I couldn't have told you the name of it, or the singer, or...

Thanks so much for this random walk down memory lane. Loved it!