Tuesday, June 17, 2008

dear Coldplay haters,

lets talk about how much we all hate Coldplay.
lets talk about how infinitely better all the other bands we listen to are.
lets compare every word Chris Martin has ever written and sung,
to every other word written and sung by every other artist in the world.

after that, we should critique every note and melody for being unoriginal.
because no true musician or artist would ever let themselves be influenced by artists that preceded them. (or be honest about it, ahem Daft Punk.)

and when we’ve run out of negative things to say about the music,
we should probably extend our dislike to personal attacks on their front man.
we can all discuss how <> he is, not only for making music,
but for existing as well.
how dare he.

or, and please bear with me, because this is only a suggestion,
we could not take ourselves so seriously.

and maybe,
we can choose not to listen to music we don’t appreciate,
without being judge jury and executioner.
(i don't remember Ms. Spears's album getting such subjective reviews...)

just a thought.

i know how rare an occasion it is for us music snobs to prove how much more pretentious we are than one another…so by all means, if it’s too tempting, don’t let this chance pass you by…
tear them to shreds…

p.s. Chris Martin sends his love.


fatura tahsilat merkezi said...

çok anlamlı resimler olmuş

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?

girl 1 said...

i still hate coldplay.


girl 2 said...

let the record show, that girl 1 hates several (a lot) of bands/artists/singers...


Anonymous said...

indeed, Coldplay is for the un-original. How can you settle for that? It's such awful music.

Anonymous said...


two thumbs up for coldplayy..
like this band so much..

All I really wanted to do was make an album that was going to be just back to what I like to do... like them

viva coldplay

luq said...

screw u all !!!
coldplay is fabulous..

Anonymous said...

agreee with luq..

kick them all..wakakakka

coldplay was unique band
and the group to make coldplay different from all the other bands..


redpillpuppet said...

To me it appears to be some kind of herd behavior. Why else does 'everybody' seem to hate exactly Coldplay. Why is it always the rejection of Coldplay that is mentioned. It's in fashion to be blasting that band.
It may feel tough and sturdy to hate them. Providing a false sense of having a really good musical taste. Bonding with the fellow haters. Or do they really annoy that much people? It might be but you know what they say, art has to move. So they're doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Coldplay is amazing! You are all complete idiots. And unoriginal? Bad music? They are the best band in the world! Chris, Johnny, Guy, and Will are so passionate about their music and work so hard! And then they have to be harassed by you low-life Coldplay haters. get a life. Screw you all!