Monday, June 16, 2008

Writer of fictions...

About a week ago, I decided to change my desktop background to a picture of Colin Meloy. Not so much because he’s a heartthrob, but because he is a poetic genius and maybe if I look at him more I might absorb some of his witty eloquence. Sigh.

To my chagrin, my computer did not agree with the picture’s dimensions and /or resolution, so The Decemberists' frontman's face became grossly stretched out and disfigured. Still, I left it there.

This being said, today I have decided that it’s time for a change of scenery , as I feel I might begin to experience nightmares in which Colin is a) some kind of deformed, blood-thirsty monster or b) being stretched to a gruesome death because of me. To avoid this, his prestigious desktop spot will soon be lost to a picture of wiener dogs. Um, I mean, a cool Banksy print...

To feel better about my decision, I’ve decided to share my love for all things Colin Meloy here.

Here are my preferred tracks off Colin Meloy Sings Live! (an album I believe everyone should own, en passant).


Colin Meloy – The Engine Driver

Colin Meloy – California One / Youth and Beauty Brigade

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JTL said...

It's ultra-geeky of me, but might I suggest desktop background pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope? They're bitchingly cool.